Can you f*ck your way to the top in a gender-neutral world, or do you only get f*cked on the bottom?

Libby & Ali play co-workers in 5 short, offensive scenes. Originally premiering in pop-up Sticky in January 2013, the most offensive play in Sticky history, Libby Emmons' Puff Puff, was began as a little comedy about gang-rape, but this time around Libby and Ali have decided to tackle more taboo topics. If it makes us cringe, if it makes us uneasy, if it makes our moral foundation crumble to bits, we'll talk about it.

By Libby Emmons
Dramaturgy by Brad Rothbart
Directed by Michael Domitrovich
Starring Libby Emmons & Ali Ayala
Produced by li88y inc.
Contact: Libby Emmons at