Intern with F-OFF

Position Title: Production Assistant (but this can be tailored to the applicant’s needs, vanity or prevailing trends)

Position Description: To assist the Director of the Festival of the Offensive in mounting the 2015 festival. Responsibilities may include but are not limited to marketing strategy development, logistics support, assisting with vetting applications, helping to curate variety shows, assisting with fundraising, assisting with event planning, emailing, and just generally helping to make the festival awesome and offensive. Don’t worry if you are not an ace at any of these things; it’s an internship, so you will have an opportunity to try, succeed, fail or realize that maybe you love/hate any of these tasks. There may be opportunities to work tech for pay during the festival, but it is not mandatory.

Qualifications for Applicant: Flair for organization, sense of humor, interest in independent theatre production and theatre festival production. No experience is necessary, but when all is said and done you will know how to produce a festival and not lose your shirt or wits in the process.

Application Deadline: Rolling

How To Apply: Just email us and plead your case.

Desired Start Date: Yesterday

Approximate hours per week: It’s really up to the applicant’s schedule and level of interest.

Salary Level: Same as the director and managing director: no pay, but possible back end money from the door. Also, I will feed you. If you have a show you want to produce and it passes muster regarding the festival theme, I’ll give you stage time in the festival.

Semester offered or duration of internship: Fall/Spring

Desired Class Level: If you are a student, please be at least in your Sophomore year. You do not need to be a student to apply.

Is this internship for credit? : If someone will give you credit for this, then yes.

Travel Stipend Offered?  We will pay for any public transportation travel incurred. Most of the work will be done remotely. I will arrange for an office for meetings if needed.