Who is a producer?

The producer is responsible for ensuring that the show runs smoothly and follows all F-OFF guidelines. Anyone can be a producer if he/she is willing to take on the responsibilities of the producer. For F-OFF the producer is the sole point of contact for each production.

What if I've never produced anything?

No problem. We can offer limited assistance and can share our collective knowledge. Producing a show can be fun and F-OFF is a low risk way for novice producers to give it a go. You have to start somewhere.

Can I produce and act in my own show?

Hell yes. F-OFF is a DIY festival. As long as you can complete the duties of the producer, you can do it. You cannot however, be both a producer and a stage manager. Each show is required to have both. However, we may make exceptions for anyone doing a solo show with little to no tech. Just be clear in the application.

Can I produce more than one show?


What are the producer’s responsibilities?

Fees: Complete, submit, and pay for all application and performance fees.

Advertising/Marketing: F-OFF promotes both the festival as a whole and the individual productions. However, producers are responsible for additional online and traditional marketing for each production. We will share any contacts we have and encourage producers to share resources and cross-promote. OffensiveFestival.com will feature a listing of all shows with an image, synopsis, ticket sales widget and links. 

Box Office Management: Manage an account with brownpapertickets.com for online sales and manage the physical box office at the venue on the day of the show. F-OFF takes $1 from each ticket sold and the producer keeps the rest.  Producers are required to use brownpapertickets.com and their ticket widget for online sales. The BPT widget will be displayed on our site alongside the show listing on our events page. Producers can use the BPT widget anywhere else they choose. 

The Box Office must be open at least 30 minutes prior to show time. All Box Offices will be set up in the Producers' Club bar. Please bring plenty of change. Producers are also responsible for audience admission and taking tickets at the door.

Online and offline sales reports must be remitted to F-OFF on the day of each performance.

Show Cancellations: If for any reason the show cannot go on, the producer is responsible for refunds.

Tech: F-OFF does not provide a technical operator as a part of your performance fee, however we may assist you in finding a tech operator. The producer must arrange the rehearsal with the technical director and be present for rehearsal. We implore you to keep your tech to a minimum. 

Communication: In order to keep communication as direct and streamlined as possible the producer is the sole point of contact for each production. The producer will act as the liaison between the cast/crew and F-OFF. F-OFF will not answer inquiries from anyone in the production except the producer. However, you have our full attention and we will do our best to answer all inquiries. Really, ask us anything.

On the day of the show the producer is required to be on site at least one hour prior to show time and must ensure that

  • the F-OFF curtain speech is made
  • the performance begins and ends on time
  • the load in/load out happens as scheduled
  • the stage is clear and the set is struck at the end of each performance
  • ticket sales are reported to F-OFF

Do I have to have a Stage Manager?  


What are the Stage Manager's Duties? 

The Stage Manager must be familiar with the technical details of your show and assist in organizing and coordinating the production with the Technical Director and any other members of the F-OFF production team. The Stage Manager is not an official point of contact for the Festival. 



Who makes money from the tickets?

F-OFF takes $1 from each ticket sold and the producer keeps the rest. 

What about pricing and comps? 

The Producer is responsible for setting ticket price and managing discounts and comps. However, the Festival will exercise it's theatrical droit du seigneur and reserves the right to purchase up to 6 tickets for each show for $5 a ticket. Why?  We are offering them as perks in our marketing efforts. At least we're not taking them outright.

What kind of tech can I have in my show?

Due to the number of shows in the space and the limited time between shows tech must be kept to a minimum. The venue will have a rep light plot. A rep light plot is one which provides sufficient lighting for each show performing in the venue. 

How many tech rehearsals do I get? 

Each production is allotted one tech rehearsal of 2-4 hours. 

Do I have to hire a tech?

Yes. Your performance fee does not include a tech operator for your tech rehearsal or performances. The lighting and sound boards are very easy to operate; a stage manager or producer could easily manage it. 

Can I use my own tech operator?

Yes, and we'd be happy to train them. We can also help you find one.

Do I need insurance for my production?

No. The Performance Fee includes Facility, Manager, and Fireguard Liability Insurance.

What happens if I have to cancel my show?

Well, it will suck. F-OFF will not refund any money received for application or performance fees if a production is unable to participate in the festival once accepted and registered. Unfortunately due to time constraints cancelled performances cannot be rescheduled. But really if you have sold tickets you should just do the best damn show you can. Throw down some salt, do a little soft shoe... 

What is the festival schedule?

All F-OFF shows will take place from Monday April, 13-Sunday April 26, 2015. Weekday shows will run from approximately 7pm to 11pm. Weekends shows will run from approximately 2pm to 11pm. Weekdays will be reserved for tech rehearsals and industry shows.

Can I pick my performance times?

No. We will not take requests for time slots. Shows accepted to the festival will be offered spots and may accept or refuse them. Any unfilled spots will be offered to the wait list. 

Are there any ad guidelines?

All productions in the festival must display the F-OFF logo on any advertising and the text must include the phrase “part of the 2015 Festival of the Offensive (F-OFF)” and OffensiveFestival.com.  All online advertising must include a working hyperlink to OffensiveFestival.com. The logo will be available for download from the website. This logo can be resized, but cannot be altered in any other way.

Can I rehearse in the performance space?

Possibly. Due to the number of productions we cannot guarantee rehearsals in the space during the festival. However, the space can be rented directly from The Producers' Club before the festival if there is availability. In addition, The Producers' Club has several spaces for rent at reasonable prices. 

How much is this going to cost me?

It is our hope that all producers walk away with a little something in their pocket; after all this is show biz not show fun. At the very least you should not lose money. Here is a sample breakdown for a 90-minute show with 2 dates.

Early Application Fee $25 + Performance Fee $200 = $425

Let’s pretend you have sell out crowds* for both shows, F-OFF buys 4 tickets to each show, and you avoid any costs on brownpapertickets.com by charging a mere $10 a head and your SM runs tech. Et voila:

56 seats X $10/ticket and 4 F-OFF $5/tickets X 2 shows = $1160 (- $425 in costs and -$112) for the F-OFF $1/ticket charge) and you walk with $623. Or you could take a cab because you are flush. 

 What kind of production advice can you offer?

The F-OFF team has participated in a number of theatre festivals and is willing to share (yes, for free) any insight we may have from mounting your show to getting the word out. If we do not know the answers, we will help you find them. We want every show to offend the largest possible audience. 


Why not, really? No one else has. 

 *Experienced producers never budget with full audience attendance in mind. These numbers are provided as a guideline only.