Completed applications must be received and paid for by 12/01/14 11:59 pm EST. 

F-OFF has a $25 non-refundable application fee payable via Paypal to There is a $35 fee for applications received after 11/01/14 11:59 pm ESTPlease put the name of your show in the subject line of the payment so we will know the origin of the funds.

Only fully completed and paid applications will be considered.  Spelling counts. 

Only one application submission per producer is allowed. If any applicant submits more than one completed application, ALL applications submitted by that applicant will be deleted, and application fees will not be refunded. The is no penalty for the accidental submission of duplicate applications. The producer is the point of contact for the show. 

We will send an email confirmation of receipt of payment. 


Successful applicants will be notified by December 26, 2014 (you know, because of Kwanzaa) and will have 2 weeks to register, pay the performance fees. All performances will be scheduled by F-OFF. No exceptions. Vacant slots go to the Wait List. 

Name of Producer *
Name of Producer
The producer is the sole point of contact for the show.
If this is not your first production, please list previous productions. If it is, just say so. We welcome newcomers.
Required. Make one up if need be.
Each show is required to have a Stage Manager.
First timers are welcome, we just don't want to make any assumptions.
This should be offensive.
If not, please describe the situation.
If not, please provide details about previous showings.
Solo, Ensemble, Musical. Physical, Panto etc.
One awesome sentence.
100 words or less to be used in a program and promotional materials.
It's not a prerequisite. We may ask to see it, we may not.
Keep in mind that they should be minimal.
Please be brief.
For your company or the show itself.
You don't have to, but it can be a great help to other participants.
If you don't know, that is fine.