Welcome. Now F-OFF!

Festival of the Offensive (F-OFF) is dedicated to showcasing live performances that otherwise might not be produced because the establishment doesn't have the balls to produce them. Long live Lenny Bruce!

Offensive Productions Wanted

The Festival of the Offensive (F-OFF) selection process is juried but is open to all. You do not need to be in an established company to participate. 

F-OFF is  a self-produced festival in which participants are responsible for staging and promoting their respective projects. F-OFF promotes the festival and the productions; however, the participants are also responsible for getting the word out and putting butts in seats. That's right, F-OFF is going to help promote your show and why shouldn't we? We think it's worth it. In our market research we found that festival participants wanted more support in this area so we are going to bake it into the F-OFF mix. In fact, we are going to make it our hallmark. 

Talk about inclusion. F-OFF is not some liberal lefty progressive NYC hippie theatre fest. Yes, yes we all love peace but we want to showcase work from all sides of the political spectrum. If you are a conservative artist, bring it. Moderate? Bring it. We'll even accept Libertarians* and Constitution Party people. Who does that? You do not need to be from NYC to participate, you just need to be here during the festival.  

*Full Disclosure: The Festival Director is one. 


  • Stupid cheap stage time
  • A theatre bar 
  • Listing on OffensiveFestival.com 
  • Production Advice
  • Tech rehearsal space
  • Venue-provided insurance
  • Mad love
  • As much PR as we can

It's basically plug and play as we handle as much of the logistics as we can.  


F-OFF is looking for work that:

  • examines and satirizes the status quo
  • brings willing audiences out of their comfort zone
  • is sincere, not smug
  • tackles new and uncomfortable subjects or presents alternative viewpoints on the usual suspects
  • takes risks
  • can hold its theatrical liquor


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